Networking around Disaster Preparedness and Response

We don’t suffer disaster alone, and we can’t effectively address disaster alone. We need each other. Thank you for being here.

Our Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) Region 1 Disaster Preparedness Projects brings together the six ELCA Synods of Region 1, our two Pacific Northwest Lutheran Social Service Agencies, our national Lutheran Disaster Response ministry and you.

Please subscribe to our semimonthly newsletter, theĀ Hammer and Dance. This will help you learn about all of our various partners, Lutheran partners and others we are so privileged to work with. Find out who your neighbors are, what other churches, temples or Mosques are in your area. These people share your values. We can help you with some of this networking, but we depend on you to broaden the circle. It’s great to be in partnership with you!

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