Imagination and the arts

We have forgotten where the color of the rose came from
      where Earth gained her green

      the Lilacs their hue

We have forgotten that stones were once turquoise and terse
      incarnations of possibility
      yellow with age
Even the sea obeys the Light
Even her power obeys Her sight

Let us remember where life began
      why Beauty can never fail.
Dave Brauer-Rieke, Janaury 2019
Sandy Roumagoux, Ocean/Sky Series #2, 2016, Oil on Canvas, 30″ x 40″ 
“My Paintings are my interpretation of the ever relevant paradoxes of faith, war and nature. Much of what I do is predicated upon a personal fundamental acceptance of the “divine absurdities” of existence, and the duality’s in our existence of love/hate, violence/peace, silent/sound, night/day.
I focus on our cultures’ abuse of the environment, our love affair with greed, our throw away consumerism and our sanitizing of violence. These abuses are glossed over with religious platitudes.
I’ve been called political, but I don’t know how to separate politics from art. Both ask something of us, something that challenges us to a responsibility. Painter or politician, we come as candidates. We want our message to resonate with the body politic, with the voters. We make promises.”

It has been a profound privilege to work with Northwest Eco-Artist Sandy Roumagoux on several art/poetry projects. The arts help us see and center truths our minds alone sometimes have a problem acknowledging. We hope these works will inspire imagination and hope with in you!

Dave Brauer-Rieke

The Creation Cabal is art & poetry around the mythical stories and themes of Torah, or the Old Testament – Genesis 1-11. “Cabal” means “conspiracy.” Join the journey!
Hope and Holiness is the work of Sandy Roumagoux & Dave Brauer-Rieke from 2015. It was an ‘artist in residence’ gift for an Oregon Lutheran Church Assembly.

Hope and Holiness PRINT VERSION 8.5″x14″

Written in 2019 this booklet includes images and poetry dealing with Dave Brauer-Rieke’s personal journey deeper into the truth of our world’s current Climate Crisis.

Reorientation Poetry ONLINE READING   
Reorientation Poetry PRINT VERSION

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