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Resources, information and thoughts in the age of Covid-19

The path of return to a pre-COVID-19 world has been referred to as The Hammer & The Dance by Tomas Puevo. “The Hammer” refers to requirements for Social Distancing.  “The Dance” is our attempt to come back together before either a vaccine or a  treatment for the disease has been developed. In traditional worship Lutherans Gather, Proclaim, Feast and Disperse. When we cannot Gather or Feast, what does the dance of the faithful look like? The Hammer and Dance newsletter explores this question.

20 Oct: Hammer and Dance – COVID Reasserts Itself

Coronavirus cases in the United States are surging toward their third peak in eight months. More than 70,000 new infections were recorded on Friday, the most in a single day since July, and the country recently surpassed eight million total cases.

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