Revealing Relationships:
Climate CHange and disaster preparedness

September 26, 2020 – 10 AM PDT
(9 AM Alaska; 11 Montana)

It is a privilege to have caring and experienced panelists to engage you for this webinar September 26.

  • Rev. Charles Brower is a retired United Methodist pastor who served the Community United Methodist Church in Nome, Alaska. A native Alaskan, Charlie describes himself as an Iñupiaq Hunter and a survivor of the Native Boarding School system of his youth. He has been active in the relocation processes of a few of the five Alaskan Native Communities which must currently relocate due to Climate Change related damage to the fragile ecology and environment of northern Alaska. Traditional ways of life are rapidly becoming impossible to pursue.
  • Solomon Duke is a  student at Western Washington University studying Energy Science and Technology. He has a passion for Cross Country, Track and Field, and Protecting the planet. He is a Climate Activist working with  both the public and Portland City Officials, specifically working towards the denial of the Zenith Energy Tar Sand Expansion. His work helped develop the Portland Public Schools Climate Literacy Curriculum, and Solomon works with issues concerning Portland Tree Canopy Health as well.
  • Dr. Rev. Barbara Rossing is an ELCA pastor and professor of New Testament at the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago. Well known for her books on Revelation, Barbara is also a board member of Lutherans Restoring Creation and a popular Climate Change speaker and educator. While her teaching locates her in Chicago, her home – and her heart – are in Leavenworth WA.
  • Dave Brauer-Rieke, our webinar moderator and host, works with Lutheran Disaster Response throughout the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and Montana. A former member of the Oregon State Climate Council he is also a native of the Pacific Northwest, growing up in Seattle, WA and spending his professional years in Oregon.

Webinar Agenda

10:00 AM – Welcome, Review of the Morning, and Introductions

10:10 AM – Spiritual Grounding

10:20 AM – Panel Presentation, “Ground Level: Where Climate Change has Brought Us.”

10:50 AM – All Comers Conversation

11:10 AM – Panel Question and Answer

11:20 AM – Wrap up, Invitations and Next Steps.

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